I’m James Jackson and I use he/him pronouns. I’m a transgender writer and performer currently living in Denton, Texas.

rebel me

Photo credit: Andrew Mount

Artist’s Statement:

I’ve been writing all my life and even after trying to convince myself to start a career in literally anything else, I keep coming back to it. I guess that must mean something important!

I focus mostly on the horror/thriller genre as well as realistic fiction and LGBTQ material. I’ve recently been gravitating toward a lot of nonfiction, focusing on my experiences as a Latinx transman and my thoughts on sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity, and everything in between. I was always told, “Write what you know,” which has led to writing that is extremely personal.

I believe in the power of words, the power of representation, and the power of sharing a part of yourself in every piece of art you create. I believe in the importance of different perspectives and being vulnerable about how you feel. You don’t owe anyone anything. Never apologize for your emotions or your art.